Friday, March 11, 2005

Court View

Woman with Her Hair in a Bun

I always only see the back of her head,
The back of her neck, the backs of her ears.
The head moves up and down and back and forth
As her attention shifts. I always only
See a bit of oval jaw, an edge of cheek.

I see her neck because her hair
Is pulled into a bun. But I think it is not real, that bun.
Her hair, when down, is jaw-line short.
Too short to gather into such a shiny fist.

Her gifts to me, with tiny golden rings,
Are the backs of her ears.
The backs of her ears.

From In a Federal Courtroom, copyright © 2005 Richard Laurence Baron.

1 comment:

compostmoi said... latter -day Bennett Cerf you! Oddly, after sketching her in lines of poetry, I feel I know the woman with the haido that intrigues you so...poetry has that way about it: saying so much more than the words actually mean in daily are a poet with a keen eye and a sensitive ear to the movement of your thoughts...a pleasure to is a gorgeous sunny New York City day...Peter did well at the callback...he expects an offer.
OffBroadway, but good work....we begin to feel like it is home here now. I love you. xxev