Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Humility Day

Thanks to the unfortunate performance of the US team during yesterday’s match against the Czechs – and my “typical” American attitude – I’m taking a Humility Day here in the executive offices of the Baron Text Development Company of Houston, TX. Why? Well, I had sent a little e-mail to my old friends and colleagues at Rust2, the Dialogue International Agency in Prague. Just a small boast. A tiny taunt.

Then the Americans made a poor showing against the Czechs in the World Cup game.

The polite principal of Rust 2, Graham Rust, sent an e-mail: “Just got your message while watching the match, now 89th minute and only four goals between USA and outright victory! Fingers crossed, see you soon! G.” Nice.

Oliver Herbst, one of Rust’s project managers, was at the match and more…forgiving: “I was there in person and can say the atmosphere was amazing. I’m still recovering from the victory (bus ride wasn’t what I had hoped). We met with some Americans hours prior to kick-off in a bar and both sides showed true sportsmanship wishing each other the best of luck (the Czechs a little louder though). Good luck against Italy on Saturday!”

My thanks to Graham and Oliver for not beating me over the head with the Czech victory. That sound you hear? It’s only me, choking down my slice of home-made humble pie.

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Ann Taylor said...

Obviously, the Americans learned an important lesson from this embarrassing thrashing and it showed in their match against Italy. If YOU can't score a goal
in the World Cup, get your opponent to do it for you.