Thursday, December 14, 2006

Prism Parties

One part of Christmas is the family letter. I get quite a thrill when I read that Uncle Schmuel and Aunt Sadie’s youngest has completed her third rehab program successfully. Way to go, Roxanne! It’s awesome to learn that the second ex-wife of my best friend's ex-husband has graduated with honors from Beaumont Beauty College. One of my brothers-in-law is recovering from that little accident with the combine-harvester and he’ll be walking again by next summer, for sure.

Then there are the Christmas parties, the “holiday” get-togethers. There’ve been some interesting occasions this year, especially the one where the Creative Director from You-Know-Which Agency got his head stuck in the – never mind.

A serious stand-out, though, was the excellent Prism Design holiday dinner at Bistro Calais this past week, which Barbara and I enjoyed utterly.

Sincere thanks to client and colleague Susan Reeves and all the Prismatics for the excellent time, fine meal and barrel of laughs. Here they are, left to right: Terry Teutsch, Stacy Allen, Susan herself, Amy Puchot, Anne Stovall, Paul Leigh (kneeling).

May all your Christmases be bright. (Stay away from farm machinery.)

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S Reeves said...

Thank you and Barb for joining in the festivites. And thanks for the nice picture post.