Sunday, June 03, 2007

Razoo Up

Razoo is in beta.

I only found out about this from a copyrighted article by Brad Hem in the Houston Chronicle. The company’s called and “Four Houston entrepreneurs” are credited with launching the search engine they expect to challenge Google and Yahoo.

Click on the site and you’ll get a coming-soon sort of intro, but a nice story with beat-driven Indian music…clapping hands rhythm out the words: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive.”

Like the article says, there are hundreds of smaller search engines in operation beside the Big Guys. What’s special about Razoo? It requires users to log in, which may slow it down. It is points-driven: I have never tried that. Trust in a new search engine is another big factor. Nevertheless, I always enjoy seeing hometown boys make good, even if they aren’t originally from around here.

Such an odd word, razoo; potentially, a great brand name. So I Googled it (well, why not? isn’t working yet). Turns out razoo is Down-Under slang for an imaginary coin of trivial value, the Oz version of a farthing; according to some definers, it’s used only in negative contexts: “Not worth a brass razoo” – though Encarta identifies it as Aussie for a gambling chip.

The latter definition fits this case pretty well. iRazoo is a gamble. Best of luck to ‘em, though.

If it works, you heard it here second.


Richard Laurence Baron said...

I have got this wrong, it seems. is the "social engagement" site, still in beta, which was blogged about here:

(So I'm not the second). While is the point-awarding search engine. I tried it late last evening. It's easy enough and racking up points is kinda fun; but since you earn most points by recommending sites, the user is helping to build the search engine. That's clearly stated as I discovered once I untangled the two sites.

So maybe I'm third? More anon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for mentioning, and for noting that it is indeed different than Razoo is a social network for social good, and is still in beta. We'd love for you to check us out when we launch at the end of July. You can sign up on our splash page (, and we'll notify you when we go live.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Rebecca - coming July 2007
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