Thursday, February 05, 2009

Guns, Roses

Bless their pointy heads, lobbyists up there in the People's Democratic Republic of Austin [PDRA] are at it again. This time there’s a terrific ad opportunity for some brave company. The Houston Chronicle obtained the data under state open-record laws and has reported on our little problem several times, including today:

For the men, it’s pistols and venison. For the women, flowers and spa treatments. Around the Texas Capitol, gifts are a custom — and lobbyists are buying.

According to the paper, lobbyists delivered 124 flower bouquets; 120 sets of circus tickets (go figure); 70 cookie packets – and 66 pistols. Now let’s ignore two conflicting opinions for the moment. One, our elected officials ought not be taking gifts, lunches or junkets in any way shape or form. The other, an occasional bunch of flowers seems pretty harmless. (But there’s a slippy-slidy slope involved here.) I see…headlines!

“Ruger: The Representatives’ Choice.”

“Give the gift of firearms – Lobbyists do.”

“A dozen roses? A dozen State Senators can’t be wrong.”

I see ads, like the one above. The Texas Ethics Commission says gifting is not a good idea. But since everyone in the Lege thinks it’s okay, let’s make advertising out of it. Ta...

Ad by Prism Design, Inc., with my thanks. Suck UK ceramic gun vase from A+R.


Greg Salerno said...

I guess we shouldn't be surprised lobbyists are sending firearms into the Texas legislature. What might the reaction be if taxpayers all arrived bearing arms, too?

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Too true, Greg. I'll treasure the mental image of an angry mob storming up Congress Avenue on its way to the Statehouse. Do you know if there are lamp posts on that part of the street?

Or mebbe the legislators are just good Constitutionalists? "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Thanks too for the note. Best for Tuesday...