Saturday, December 19, 2009

Season’s Greetings from Signalwrite: Hugs and Kisses Come Standard.

This past year calls for comfort food. Since I can’t package meatloaf, it’s got to be chocolate. That’s why the special Signalwrite Snowman comes filled with chockies to help see this bad old year out and a bright new one in.

I have a real belief that life is sweeter because of good clients, good colleagues and good friends…like all of you. One more time, I’m reminded of the rewards of amiability.

Thanks for making the year more like chocolate and less like, say, spinach. Not that there’s anything wrong with that except how would it look, spinach stuffed in the Snowman Mug? (At least it, too, starts with “S.”)

To the recipients of the actual gifts” “Enjoy!” Eat them up yourself – it’s difficult to ration them this time of year. Or share them with friends if you are feeling especially generous. And thank you most of all for your continued faith in me.

For those who did not, by reason of distance or absence, get their hand-deliver holiday chocolates (Hershey’s Kisses, Hugs and other such-like yummies) – ‘zounds! Just let me know. Like the adventures ahead for next year, there’s more where these came from.

Best of the season from Signalwrite Marketing Communications. (C’est moi.)

Very Merry and Extra Happy all of these: Hanukkah (which began 12/11 – now over); Christmas Eve on 12/24 as usual. Kwanzaa starts Saturday, 12/26. Remember “Festivus for the rest of us” added by Chuck Curtis. And "Merry Chrismakah, Hannumas" from Mark Lipschitz. And another “Thank you” to Prism Design for the this year’s Snowman tag design.


Terri Phillips said...


Thank you so much for the chocolates and snowman mug. Even as I (reluctantly) gather work to take home, I am eating great quantities of chocolate kisses which sweeten the task. Loved your card as well.

I do hope we have more opportunity to collaborate in 2010. Here’s to you—one of my favorite creatives. I’m glad I know you.


Paul Juranek said...


Seasons greetings from frigid New Jersey.

Rob Roberts said...

Thank you, Richard. And may you also have a great Christmas and a prosperous 2010.

Susan Bourgain said...

Ho ho ho to you, Richard. Thanks again for the “chockies” and mug!

Jan Berg said...

Richard! After seven months of retirement from the agency I am facing my first in many years calmful Christmas holiday.
Not facing a stressful peroid before Christmas.

Agneta and myself sending you and your family the Best of the Season...Jan.

Camille Bryan said...

Richard, Merry Christmas and Hugs and Kisses back to you! I hope twenty-ten will be a terrific year for you and all ad biz. Thank you for you fantastic work on Shell. We appreciate you and your talents, Camille.

S Reeves said...


maradatra said...

Wishing you and Barbara the best for the season.
Leigh and Loren

Brian Bearden said...

Richard, Thank you. Michelle, John and I enjoyed our chocolates. Was there a towel included or is that just the backdrop for your shoot? I look forward to us working on more projects together in the coming year. Have a very Merry Christmas. Brian

Fred Beitzel said...

Hi Richard. Thanks so much for your Season’s Greeting card. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and may 2010 be a prosperous and wonderful year for you.