Monday, August 09, 2010

Mad Tex to Mad Gringo: Extra Thanks for the Nickname.

You may suppose that the Signalwrite brand is effortless to maintain. On the other hand, you might correctly suspect that my arresting tropical attire (so central to who I am as a marketing professional these days) is top secret.

There is no secret, except a highly valued network of shout-out-loud aloha shirt creators and suppliers that have lent their retail skills to my own business brand-building effort. One of those is Greg Chambers, the “Mad Gringo” of the headline. At least one blog post over the past few years has mentioned his company, Mad Gringo Go Slow Clothing. The Mad Gringo has a philosophy and it is written thusly:

We all have a Mad Gringo deep down inside. He’s pissed about the traffic. The stress. The ties you have to wear. He’s telling you to chuck it all and go sleep on a beach in Mexico. Or Brazil…Vow to watch more sunsets. And if you can’t go slow, at least go slower.

These are true words. Marketing words. Massively sensitive for a guy who’s had to establish his business in the oddly non-tropical paradise of Omahahu.

Now Mad Gringo has given me two gifts (for filling out a survey whose results you can view here, though honestly the results look a bit wonky to me).

The first is a wonderful new high-quality T that arrived today in its own MG-branded burlap bag. It’s Mad Gringo’s commemorative Lava Lava volcano T in a soothing color that’s simply perfect for sitting out in those balmy Gulf of Mexico breezes we get down Galveston way…around about November. (Super customer relations, too.)

The second gift is a nickname. The casual exuberance with which this nickname appeared, written simply above the street address on the post office mailing label, has touched me heart.

I’m having an extra pinot grigio cooler this evening to celebrate these presents. Thank you, Mad Gringo, from the bottom of Mad Tex’s heart.

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Mary Jo Martin said...

I think I need to hire Yanni to do my research reports...