Sunday, March 27, 2011

Evolutionary Musings from the Land of the Czechs – a Facebook Browsing Experience.

Sunday mornings on Facebook I ain’t doin’ nuthin’. Confess, this sometimes happens to you too. So I was browsing and stopped to look at some…posters, created by Tom Rust in Prague. Known Rust for years – here, read his self-description for yourself:

Designer, DJ, producer, guitarist who likes coke, strong coffee, tea, Pilsner, sucky sweets, muffins, Asian cuisine, green things, cats, vinyl, mpcs, my 909 and making music with all the above.

He comes from a wonderful quirky family, too, that’s another story. Anyhow, Rust created these posters, each footed by the word EVOLUTION.

Such a classic idea, early-versioned in 1863 by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins for Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature by T H Huxley. It’s been parodied and adapted ever since thereby confirming the visual power of the original concept.

Rust (who shares Huxley’s first name) takes the long-lasting meme in several fun ways. All these executions say “change.” The changes may not be recognized until they are presented in some visual progression. The evolution could be car models; there are some kicking automotive commercials on now doing something similar. Combat aircraft or Nintendo characters. MPCs or personal music-listening devices…PMLDs?

The question to be confronted in music, marketing, politics is, what hasn’t changed? This post didn’t begin with politics but it’s instructive to consider Rust’s “Evolution” meme in terms of, say, Middle Eastern and African dictators – who don’t change much at all.

Even Facebook has changed and in a damned short time frame, too. Read back to the protocols of Facebook etiquette from a few years back to see how people’s attitudes and behaviors have been transformed.

Man’s place in Nature becomes Man’s place on Facebook. And Woman’s, too.

Like Dan Nations has said: These are the small things that “just happen” when you have friends and family on Facebook and you check in on a regular basis. You find yourself drawn into their lives and into conversations you wouldn’t have otherwise had with them.

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