Thursday, September 14, 2006

“Downsizing” Home

This is “Downsizing at the Call Center” by Howard Sherman, mixed media on canvas. Now it’s been added it to the Baron collection. At 60” x 50” it is the largest piece we’ve every acquired.

Howard has said, “In my recent artwork, I have surged between abstraction and representation. More specifically, I have integrated biting comedy, social criticism, and gestural expressiveness.”

You want to see gestural expressiveness? You should have watched me trying to get this painting back to West Houston from The McMurtrey Gallery.

A surprising number of vehicles have a 48”-wide diagonal opening – I measured Barbara’s Prius, the neighbors’ Ford Explorer and a colleague’s SUV. Howard’s painting is 2” wider (wildly expressive gestures here). I was finally able to borrow the same neighbors’ giant Chevy pick-‘em-up.

If there is one thing more ridiculous than watching me drive a stick-shift reinforced half-ton across town and back, it’s showing up at a high-toned art gallery. And then bringing out the huge, contoured bed sheet with the daffodil pattern to use as a dust cover for the painting on the way home.

Roni McMurtrey was perfectly ladylike about the whole thing (achieved by ignoring the sheet altogether). Pick-up truck, sheet and painting finally rattled home. One of these objects will be hung once I get some picture hooks, etc.

The neighbors from whom I borrowed the pick-up are extra nice - we’ve known them a long time - but I could see they were baffled by the painting. (I can almost hear Debbie telling Joe, “If you ever bring that kind of thing into our house..!”)

Nevertheless, it’s here and I’m getting the hooks today (and possibly a derrick to lift it onto the wall). Pleased to have another Sherman. I have been standing in front of it and making…expressive gestures. Drop by and make your own.

Thanks and a tip of the Hatlo hat to the Houghtalings for “Rolling Thunder.”


Lynn Slavik said...

Hummm, interesting painting. I guess I'd side with the assumed opinion of your neighbor; cool to look at, but don't bring it home!

Evalyn Baron said...

Wow...a large piece indeed! Yikes! And, proportionally, terrifying! I need to seee this painting up close, so could you please tote it on over to NYC? It actually looks amazing....extraordinary motion in it...and I am curious to experience it in person....I am so proud of you for investing in artists who intrigue important....I love you...xxevalyn

Howard Sherman said...

I'm happy that you were able to get the painting after all. Great surprise.

I'm happy that it got home safely.

I'm happy that it freaked out your neighbors a bit. (I want my work to have some bite to it.)

I'm happy that you're happy.

All is good in the world.

Thanks once again for the tremendous support. It's very much appreciated.