Saturday, October 14, 2006

Minnesota Blues

Won’t you come home, Barb Baron?
Won’t you come home?
I’ve moaned the whole month through.
I’ve done the laundry, honey,
I’ve paid the bills.
I’ve plain been missing you.

You remember that sunny morning,
I dropped you off, to fly away and see your mom?
I know you love snow – I can’t take no mo’.
Barb Nytes, won’t you please come home?

Won’t you come home, Barb Baron?
Won’t you come home?
New Prague’s a long, long way.
You’ve done mom’s packing, honey,
So she can move.
What more can Rosie say?

You’ve had your snowfall, baby,
You’ve had your cold, and now that your sinuses are clear,
Please come back to me – it’s not so winter-y,
But Barbara, won’t you please come home…

That’s back to Houston, sweetheart…

Dear Barbara, won’t you please come home!

Louis Armstrong is turning in his grave. Atmosphere-establishing photo courtesy of


Phill Slavik said...

Mom has been moved lock, stock and barrel and then some.
New place is really nice.
Food was abundant - if not late.
Greg still wears a skirt and Lynn wears the pants.
Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.
Sibling rivalry - not as bad as I thought it would be.
Barb and Nanc got on each others nerves.
Pat threw out his upper back.
Night cap at Simons with Barb, Rob, Val and myself.
Grossed out the waitress by ordering pickled poopecs and pickled eggs.

You probably know this, but Barb is at her wits end and will need one of the following:
a. A trip to a day spa.
b. A long hot bubble bath.
c. Lots of Wild Turkey.
d. A long nap.
e. All of the above.

Sorry you missed all the to you soon.

Lynn Slavik said...

You poor thing... You know, I think Barb is just as anxious to come home as you are to have her home! I think some nerves are getting frayed, so now that the big move is over, we all can get back to our normal (whatever that is) lives. The move went well yesterday, and there aren't that many boxes left to unpack. Rose Mary's apartment is so nice, and with new furniture and great carpeting, she should feel like a queen. She deserves this, and I'm so glad she's there.

Before Barb had extended her stay, we had a gathering at our house for whatever family members were available. Greg was pleased that Barb finally got to see our house. Barb will attest that we have pretty much a private guest quarters in our lower level that just begs for occupany. Next time you guys are in town, our door will be open to you.

Best get going. The day's almost half over with already! Take care, and thanks for sharing Barb with us for the past month. I don't know what we would have done without her.

Steph Murphy said...

Hidie hoe there. Tomorrow (10.17.06) is the day, she has worked her little fingers to the bones !!!!!!! I know that mom loved having her down (as we all have) and that we will miss her sooooooo much, we did have a lot of fun, in between the work days,
sends her love and she is ready to come home, she was ready a while ago! Moving mom was an experince in its self. Barb will give you ALL the details, wished you could have been there. Will talk to you later. Love and kisses...

Anonymous said...

Aw!!! RLB, you and Barbara give me hope. What a lovely love story.

Nora "I Want To Believe" Fuqua

Greetings from Zoo York!