Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Early Punch

My internal clock is giving me fits. Since I left the Navy, I’ve been an early riser and formed the habit of beginning work early. Now, as a consultant, I’ve institutionalized this. Up at the crack of dawn, thumping at the Great Steam Computer early in the AM, punching hard for some hours – I’m a morning person and proud of it.

These days, I’m working with colleagues (e.g., designers, art directors) who are more likely to take their meetings in the mornings and begin their work when the sun starts sinking into the horizon. My brain has already shutting down when they are starting up.

As I said to Kay Krenek today, “By the time you’re cooking, I’m already leftovers in the fridge.”

I don’t want to change my habit, Rabbit – what bunny does? But there’s nothing a client appreciates more than an “Up N Atom” creative guy…I better eat more carrots to keep my energy up for afternoons. Ta for now.

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