Sunday, August 12, 2007

“Flash” Spoilt?

I could hardly do worse to the just-premiered “Flash Gordon” series on Sci-Fi than the lemony Tom Shales has done here – so I won’t. I will say (though you know I don’t normally review anything from the small screen) that Alex Raymond, who first drew the original “Flash Gordon” in 1934, is hardly spinning in his grave.

Unless, of course, you think of him as “Spinner” Raymond. Because “Flash Gordon” is a brand that’s been stepped on so many times, it’s like street dope.

In fact, Raymond was commissioned to draw up Flash to compete with the already popular “Buck Rogers” comic strip. It was a knock-off brand from the get-go. Ruling the spaceways and battling Ming the Merciless 10 years before I was born, that’s a long run…fueled by a huge variety of updates, re-makes, homages, parodies and other variations. Today, Jim Keefe is drawing the strip.

Let’s not forget the Flash Gordon brand t-shirts, action figures and an absolutely spiffy toy ray gun, too.

Come, come: let’s not get too bothered that the current generation of Sci-Fi channeleers will never know who Jean Rogers, Melody Anderson and Ornella Muti were (but whom you can read about here). We’ll just keep our own memories of this great character brand to ourselves. Save Mongo!

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