Thursday, April 17, 2008

Collier’s Back

Having explored the Wild West (living in Seattle, hiking the mountains, etc.), Steve Collier has returned to Houston. We saw the back of him in 2004, when he left town to join GalleryPlayer, a digital imaging start-up in Washington State. He’s appeared several times on Signalwriter – here, for example.

Michael Strickland put together a welcome-home party for him last evening at Jim Goode’s Armadillo Palace. A lot of the old gang was there (I’m certain to leave out a few names…Lord, I should have written them all down): Ron Scott, Hugh McDonnold and Frances Theil, Bill Large, Brad Gaber, Jim Sanders, John Brannen, Buddy Pritchard, Jay and Carol Loucks, Kent Simmons, Amber and Doug Timmermeyer.

Steve makes a wicked gumbo and creates pretty good art, too. I (for one) am glad he decided to return to the city.

Since he is a “full-service” creative director, graphic designer, packaging professional, type expert and illustrator, it’s a gen-u-wine pleasure greeting his return and drinking a couple Shiners to celebrate it. We just have to make certain that he stays put this time.

Steve’s “The Wild West” is available as a fine art print from – just too good to pass up.

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