Thursday, September 01, 2005

Star Status

When Steve Collier left Houston to become the Senior Designer at Gallery Player in Seattle, I feared we’d never hear from him again. I underestimated him big time. News, jokes, gumbo-related cooking advice, and updates on the Gallery Player offering have been streaming out of Washington State. According to his e-mails, it’s easy to find good food up there, but it ain’t Cajun.

All this has been supplemented by his occasional return visits to the city, when we engage in consumption of mass quantities. He has done a superlative job of making “gone but not forgotten” come true. (I also owe him an apology: he offered a beta test for the new Gallery Player product. My old computer wasn’t up to the task – or maybe it was my antique computer-mindedness.)

Steve has been exceptionally productive under his Collier Studio identity. Now, his spectacular artwork has been picked for representation by Corbis: he’s become a star in his own right, and about damn time.

It’s simply outstanding stuff that deserves wider use. Go to and plug “Rights Representation” into its search engine, you’ll find one of his illustrations, of Edward G Robinson, on the display page. Better yet, type “Collier Studio” into the Corbis search space and you can see the panoply of his available work and styles.

Come home again soon.

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