Friday, September 04, 2009

Petrophysical Solutions’ New “Discoveries Drive Value” Brand Comes True

A new brand look - and words - for Petrophysical Solutions, Inc., starts with a map.We started rebranding Petrophysical Solutions – PSI – this past spring. You may have read this post about early phases. Now the Houston-based consulting firm’s just-launched website puts the cap on its public presence.

Wikipedia points out that petrophysicists help oil and gas engineers and other geoscientists understand the rock properties of the reservoir. PSI is clearly in the value-add business, though, and there’s more to the PSI brand than the basic nuts and bolts of petrophysics:

In every Age of Exploration, discoveries drive value. Even if these words never appeared in ancient maps or Renaissance geographies, they’re what PSI petrophysicists do today and every day.

We used antique maps to connect with value-driving discoveries. Watch this new site – every month, PSI’s president will create a new post about a particular map and its impact on the Age of Exploration. We’re calling this blog section CARTOLOGY.

I’m grateful to have helped invent it and write it. But even more: Thanks to Kay Krenek for the outstanding conceptualization-and-design partnership that has led us to this unusual visual approach. Thanks to Brian Bearden and Michelle Webb of Zephyr Salvo for the web development work.

Above all, thanks to the client for a chance to bring something special in the way of a marketing approach to oil and gas consulting.


Brian Bearden said...


In today's digital marketplace it's easier than ever to compare companies. The place that most buyers do their comparison is online. They can review one company website after another. A lot of times just by hitting the back button and going back to the search engine they started from.

I was showing the new PSI website to a client of mine and we discussed the advantages their new website has over their competition.

1. The site is uniquely designed. No template. Custom designed specifically for their target market.

2. The content was written for the web. Clean and precise. Can easily be read or scanned by the visitor to the site.

3. One click or two to get to the important information. Need help with Deepwater, just click on Deepwater. No having to click through lots of different menus and page. We all know how frustrating that can be.

I look forward to hearing how the new website performs for PSI.

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Thanks again to you and Michelle, Brian - and I think your comment was a better post than my original!

Michelle Webb said...

My compliments to everyone involved... Kay, Richard, Brian.

It was a pleasure to work with all of you and I hope that PSI grows even more as the result of this site.

Kay Krenek said...

I echo the comments of both Brian and Michelle. I think the site feels personal and that suggests the personal service a client receives from PSI.

The the team was tight, the process was smooth and hopelessly seamless to PSI with the end result reflects all of the above