Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oh Santa! Your Standards Have Fallen So Low. Or maybe it’s Wild West Products.

The company claims these are the Big Guy’s Christmas Eve yummies: Santa’s Favorite Cookies. A small box came under the Signalwriter™ eye from a remainder bin at Central Market because the box art is an imaginative mix of what looks like stock Santa illustrations.

Maybe that’s not a surprise. The maker, Wild West Products, claims this provenance:

Hello Fellow Cowboys and Cowgirls! Welcome to our little corner of cyber space. We know this is a fur-piece for you, but you’ll be glad you came. Let me tell you our story…It began with Tina. You see, Tina was a big City Slicker living in New York City. She was a graphic designer and did great work, but she was destined to move to the quiet life of San Antonio. Looking for something to do, she baked up a batch of Cow shaped cookies and sold them at the San Antonio rodeo.

The website is actually kinda fun; the opening Flash animation is an nice use of “oater footage” – clips from old cowboy movies. I think you’d enjoy seeing what this Yankee designer has created in terms of food brands and imaginative packing, especially (for example) the Rancher’s Trail Mix varieties. The web marketing concept is deep enough to please.

On the other hand, Santa’s Favorite Cookies, described as “low fat chocolate chip,” are very bad indeed. They cost a remaindered 50¢ but still, here’s a product that doesn’t live up to its on-line brag:

Wild West Products makes some of the greatest tastes in the West (and east)…the best of the American spirit – the spirit of the Old West – a spirit of fun and adventure in the pursuit of fresh ideas and fresh products with great taste at a great price.

Maybe it’s because WWP didn’t actually bake these low-fat disks, only “distributed” them. Maybe Tina didn’t taste them before they ended up at Central Market.

Either way, the Carrollton, TX-based company ought to be more careful about its hype. When Santa finds out what it’s claiming about his taste in cookies, Wild West Products is going to get a big cease-and-desist from Claus’s lawyers. Happy New Year!

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