Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bin Laden or Llamazares? Celebrity Endorsement Game Gets Fresh Thanks to FBI.

Now that corporate brands are dropping Tiger Woods like a swine with sniffles – and after I’ve been writing about celebrity endorsements in blog posts like this – the Feds have “accidentally” created a new, fresh personality.

Spanish lawmaker Gaspar Llamazares had his phizz used by the FBI to show how Osama bin Laden may have aged (they’re both 52) and changed over the years. All so that airport security personnel could recognize bin Laden more easily once the “maximum terrorist” leaves his Afghan cave.

Imagine everyone’s surprise – including Llamazares’s. The former leader of Spain’s United Left party said, “I was going to ask the US government for an explanation.”

Now, though he said he “preserved” the right to take legal action, Señor Handsome may have the chance to explore other opportunities. Watch for offers from big-name Hollywood agents to come calling. And remember, you heard it on Signalwriter first.

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