Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Softness Worth Sharing: It's the Most Genuine Kleenex® Brand Campaign.

As of this morning, my Kleenex Brand Share Package – a small pack of “America’s Softest Tissue” – joined the 718,280 packs already sent free during this outstanding and warm-hearted campaign.

If for some reason (career death, wiping your nose on your sleeve, whatever) you haven’t reviewed this pitch-perfect marketing pitch, start with the TV commercial. Then go on to the Kleenex Brand website.

Note, among other things, the interactive graphics. The charm. The honest smiles. The nod to Norman Rockwell’s “Gossip” – look down there at the bottom of the web page. Check under the hood, too: the detailed operation of the Kleenex brand send-a-pack program is great. You can even track the “Chain of Sharing” online.

The program is also fully supported by print, like the most recent ad I’ve seen – and shown here. When you undertake a justifiably thorough review of the Share Package campaign, you will see that the print executions are not just knock-offs of the TV commercials or adaptations of web graphics, but have a gentle little edge. I’m wishing I had created “Get well, Mr Snufflepottomus.” Honestly.

This is outstanding thinking and outstanding creative. It proves again that you don’t need heavy metal or exploding cars to make a great campaign. This is what being a “Big Brand” is all about and I thank Kimberly-Clark Worldwide for bringing it to us. Gesundheit!


Rachel said...

You're absolutely right, Richard -- it is a lovely campaign. I'm especially impressed how they managed to convey sweetness without veering into the saccharine. The package tracking and countup features are nice touches as well.

Upon looking at the site, I'm a bit surprised at how little there is in the way of a social media component: just one Facebook link to the main Kleenex® fan page, which honestly isn't all that impressive (last post nearly a week ago?).

(Note to brands everywhere: If your lawyers try to strongarm you into including that gawdawful circle-R in the title of your Facebook page or any other social media elements, you have my permission to tie them up in a closet and leave them there.)

I'd think that any campaign designed around "sharing" would be a natural for a big social media push. No Twitter hashtag -- as in "Just sent sweet Aunt Bertha a #SoftnessWorthSharing pack from Kleenex?" No community page where recipients can post a quick "thank you?" None of this is particularly costly or complicated -- just takes a little thought and initiative.

So thumbs up to Kimberly Clark for the concept and creative, and a hearty "you can do better" on breadth of execution.

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Thank you, Rachel, for the deeper review of this campaign's social media angles. It really does take a village to evaluate a brand promotion. Now...just who is Aunt Bertha?