Saturday, July 08, 2006

Eating Vicksburg

The best lobster ravioli I have ever eaten is served at the north end of Washington Street in downtown Vicksburg, MS.

I know – this is supposed to be about advertising. I already made careful notes as we drove out of Houston: the curious truck marked “Dog Wash on Wheels” on Beltway 8 and the “Last Step Deer & Hog Processing” sign we passed in Livingston.

Good food on the road goes to the head of the line. As we have discovered over the last two years, the AAA guidebooks turn up some pretty good places to eat in off-the-Interstate locations. Rusty’s Riverfront Grill is one of those. An awful lot of tourist pass through Vicksburg…coming to tour the battlefield and see some fine antebellum homes.

So Barbara and I spent the night in Vicksburg, and were guided to Rusty’s. It’s named after the owner/chef, Rusty Larsen, and hangs out in the former grocery store that’s been on Washington Street for at least 70 years…that would be to the left of the streetcar in the old postcard above.

Long story short: Rusty serves up a much more eclectic menu than most of his customers want, but for the few who do, there’s some pretty good eating. The salad dressings are homemade. Barbara ordered the crab cakes, with a remoulade that was somewhat spicy for her taste. And the aforementioned ravioli…superbly done. We got in early. Rusty’s is a big favorite of the locals and their kids. But most of them chow down on the steaks and the chicken. I also want to compliment the service. And the cold beer.

Nice place to visit, Vicksburg. Outstanding restaurant to enjoy. So if you’re passing through, try some of Rusty’s specials. There, you see? It's about advertising after all.

Postcard credited to Wayne Roberts Collection from

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