Saturday, July 15, 2006

Niki's Stuff

Now that Blogger is allowing photos again, here are a pair of pix from our visit to the exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. At the top, Bob and Edith Fusillo stand beneath one of the giant, mirror-covered figures...the Firebird. Its proper title: Oiseau de Feu sur l’Arche Evening, 1991. Bottom, one of the Nanas giving birth

Want to see more of Niki de St. Phale? Wikipedia has a broad selection of entries, links and photographs. You can read about her creation of the Nanas, which are such signature pieces for her.

In the post below (July 13th), I mentioned how well I thought Atlanta had done with the promotional aspects of this show. A quick glance at Google shows not just extensive local coverage, but articles about it from as far away as Colorado, and in publications like The Economist. That’s quite a publicity machine Atlanta’s got. Doesn’t hurt to have the Turner organization behind this one.

Joe Beck, who blogs on, has said, “Many artists don’t know exactly why they do what they do when performing their art, but they know it’s important that they do it. It is important for the art consumer, too, or society, but often hard to see for them.” The Atlanta Botancial Garden has delivered a chance for “society” to see a huge range of work from a great artist. Thank you.

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