Wednesday, August 16, 2006

About Kin

The moderator of the AdRants section of SoFlow asked a question that generated more than 50 responses. The question was, “Is it fun being you?” My answer (short form): “Yes.” Part of the fun is the people I know. Part of the fun is thinking about the people I know. Which generated the lines below – the porch is in Atlanta and belongs to Bob and Edith Fusillo.

Fourteen Lines About Kin

Locusts sing in the daytime.
They sit in the sun and fiddle madly
Knowing that their lives are short.
They don’t care.
It’s their song in the sun.

Cicadas sing at night.
Can’t you hear them when the breeze is still
And the pines are tall and dark?
They don’t care.
It’s their song in your sleep.

Locusts sing in the daytime,
Cicadas sing at night,
Edith told us sitting on her porch.
“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

Copyright © 2006 by Richard Laurence Baron. May Shakespeare forgive me.

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