Monday, August 14, 2006

Nucor Ads

A small note in today’s Business Section pointed out that Nucor (NYSE: NUE), the steel company, had just announced outstanding quarterly results – 21% revenue growth and a 40% rise in operating income. Superb numbers from what’s supposed to be a “dead” industry here in the US.

It also reminded me of Nucor’s fine ad campaign, which should be filed under “ads I wish I’d done.”

The ad agency, though, is Eric Mower & Associates Group B2B, an outstanding shop with a great track record. You can see the whole portfolio of Nucor ads here. The campaign’s been featured in the September, 2005, issue of US Ad Review. Just as important, the ads’ look and feel have been carried over to Nucor’s website and other materials.

You know it’s hard to connect business results with advertising, especially in industrial categories. But the industry, at least, has noticed: Traci Purdum bylined an article in Industry Week a few months back that specifically highlighted the ties between Nucor’s advertising claims and Nucor’s performance. The same ad campaign has to have had its effects on investors in this industry segment as well.

Give Mower and Nucor a big round of applause for bringing (and sustaining) a fresh look in an “old economy” industry. Can you say the same for your advertising?

Nucor ad from, with thanks.

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Richard Laurence Baron said...

The original last paragraph was: “Give Mower and Nucor a big round of applause for bringing (and sustaining) a fresh look in an old economy industry. If, on the other hand, you can’t say the same for your advertising, don't call Mower, call me. I'm closer.” The better angels of my nature prompted me to change it – and leave out the self-serving promotion. (But not, obviously, completely.)