Thursday, March 01, 2007

Monika Maeckle

Ha! Thank you for the kind words – and for sending it to me in a very Web 1.0 email format! Why didn't you use my picture? ;-)

That’s the note from Monika Maeckle responding to yesterday’s Signalwriter post about the Business Wire seminar (see immediately below). It’s a fair cop: I “shoulda, coulda, woulda” included Monika’s photo.

She’s a great story-teller and she should be…prior to joining Business Wire, she spent more than 20 years in media and marketing; had her own PR shop, the Brava Agency, in San Antonio; and before that she was a reporter in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico City.

Story-telling runs in the family. More than a decade ago, in December, 1998, San Antonio Express-News reporter Philip True vanished during a solo backcountry trek in western Mexico’s Twisted Serpent Canyon, a 150-mile long gash that twists and plunges through the heart of the Sierra Madre. The story of True’s disappearance was followed as closely from Houston as it was from San Antonio.

Five days later True’s editor, Robert Rivard, was part of a small search party that, nearly miraculously, tracked a trail of feathers that had leaked from True’s sleeping bag to find his hidden grave. Rivard is Maeckle’s husband; his book about True’s disappearance is a real-life thriller.

Ms Maeckle, my apologies. Your picture appears upper left.

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