Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cigar Rhymes

Way back about 18 months ago, I ran across some verses I’d written during one of my cigar phases and published them here under the title “Stogie Limericks.” I found a couple of more today, so they’re my last burnt offerings from the old days. I promise.

The “doper” tribute:
Said an aficionado named Stilla,
“Cigar-smoking’s really a thrilla.
I get a big rush
From my head to my tush.
At this rate, who needs sensimilla?”

And the “racy” one:
An I-talian Miss known as Mona
Dated only big wheels from Verona.
Said, “In choice of erection,
I’ve got a selection:
Demi-tasse – Robusto – Corona.”

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