Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weightlifter Bob

We spent the weekend visiting with Bob and Edith Fusillo in Atlanta. He is the “Weightlifter Bob” of song and story. We spent much of the time sitting on their back porch, talking and eating and drinking…a real getaway.

If you haven’t been following this particular story line, Weightlifter Bob will travel to Kazincbarcika, Hungary in August for the IWF-World Masters Weightlifting Championship:

At 80 years old, I’m reportedly the oldest super-heavy weightlifter in the world. I didn’t start lifting until I was 67. Since then I’ve won dozens and dozens of medals in competitions all over the US. In 1999, five years after taking up the sport, I won a gold medal in the World Masters Championships competition, in Glasgow.

Now I’ve qualified for the World Championships to be held in August, 2007. Few 80-year-olds compete. It’s traditionally dominated by Russians, Hungarians, Cubans and Chinese, but I think I can bring back both a gold medal and a new world record. I already hold three Pan-American records and five American records. To win a Worlds at 80 would be a major thrill.

Read the entire “Weightlifter Bob” story here – it’s a blog we keep up to pass the word about Bob and Kazincbarcika – this oddly named city of 32,000 in the far northeast of Hungary. Barbara and I had a terrific visit with them…always do.

Bob’s wearing a special T-shirt, obtained since the last time we went to Atlanta. Missed out on Nempnett Thrubwell? The entire silly story is here. (Edith is the one not wearing the T-shirt.) Thanks so much to both of them for a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

That t-shirt is amazing! Where can I get one? I'd really like to have one.

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Dear anonymous: Bob Fusillo wrote back thusly:

"I don't know where to get the t-shirt. It was gift from a friend in Bristol, which is somewhat north of Nempnet Thrubwell (I say somewhat north because on two separate occasions we have searched for the town and have neither time been sure we actually had found it - even the signposts are ambiguous)."

So there you have it - or you don't. Check online...and thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Nempnett Thrubwell is a village in the english County of Somerset near the City of Bath...
That link should get you to the Wiki page.