Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Frank White: “Did you hear about the forklift that slipped on a banana?”

Frank White the Photographer has spent the past 20 years shooting CAT® Lift Trucks for company marketing and advertising. And having fun at the same time. “You’d be surprised at how creative you can get with them.”

To show off the fun, and as a tribute to a great client, White created this year’s Art Crawl series, “Ten Things Run Over by a Forklift.” Eyeball them this coming Saturday, November 21, at Frank White Studio, The Docks, 1109 East Freeway, Houston 77002. I’m looking forward to seeing them – I gotta believe a banana is one of the things. Will I see you there too?

“Smushed Matte Board,” © 2009. The Houston Art Crawl is the annual tour of downtown’s warehouse district art studios, 10:00AM – 9:00 PM.


Jo-Anne White said...

This is so cool! Thanks, Richard!

Mary Jo Martin said...

Seeing this resulted in a flashback for me - going to Alaska at the end of January to photograph Mitsubishi forklifts. Not exactly tourist weather, but it was fascinating - the warehouse where we shot held all the necessities for people who lived away from roads and could only get themselves or things they needed in and out by bush pilots. From onions and diapers to refrigerators and TVs, it was all there.

Mark Air (now defunct) used Mitsis in their warehouse in Bethel, AK (a 2-hour flight west of Anchorage near the Bering Sea) and said they never died. Temps never got above the 20s, and the skies were a steely gray the whole time (going from dark to slightly less dark when the sun "came up" a few degrees above the horizon). Jim Prejean and I ventured there and worked with an Anchorage photographer (sorry, Frank). And, silly Jim (who had lived in AK when he was a teenager), did not have wool socks, so I saved his little toes since I had some extras. And, RLB loaned him a big coat. How quickly they forget when they get to a warm place!

So, thanks for the good (although chilly) memories!

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Great memory, Mary Jo - I'd forgotten. I wonder if Jim has any of those on-location photos stashed away?