Thursday, January 14, 2010

Even from 9,000 Miles Away, Benzer Billboards are Colorful and Clever.

Attention, shoppers: There are six bright new billboards for Indian retailer Benzer on the Advertising…Made Easy blog today – the rest are just as vivid as the one shown here. I got the word from the campaign’s copywriter, Sunil Shibad.

He wrote me, “Benzer is a high-end couture brand headquartered in Mumbai. Indian women by and large like to stick to traditional ethnic wear. The new collection had a Western touch to it and the brief was to position the Benzer women as a femme fatale.”

Shibad worked with Icecube Design and Film CD Rafeeq Ellias (who also photographed the campaign’s Spanish model) and Art Director Mangesh Rane to get these done.

I have enough fashion sense to thinly coat one side of a dry piece of toast, no one will be surprised to hear this. I do know eye-popping billboards when I see them, though. These outdoor executions qualify big-time: Bright colors, snappy headlines (way to go, Sunil) and very stylish outfits. Good international appeal, too, including the tagline.

It’s such an arresting campaign I wish Benzer applied the concept to its website. But I understand the retailer has to appeal to an immense range of consumers. Only a few customers would wear the high-end fashions but everyone can be influenced by the vivacious look-and-feel of a leading brand. Even at a distance of 9,000 miles.


Jeff Austin said...

Thanks for sharing. I like it! bright colors and fashion, i think doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes, however, the headline is a little small for my billboard tastes, especially against the deep gold. I wonder why they didn't use an Indian gal for Mumbai?

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Well spotted, Jeff - I asked Sunil the same. His answer:

"We have taken a Spanish model as Hispanic cultures are close to India and yes it [the line] also sells in the US/UK/SA. The model was chosen to make it more international in appeal."

Thanks for the note.