Monday, February 14, 2005

Found Objects

The sun shines bright on my old Quincannon home, and gives the lie to yesterday's post. With the sunshine comes discovery: the poems I had hidden so carefully. What once was lost and now is's one, for today.

Astronomers Find A New Planet
Eight Thousand Light-Years from Earth

Thirty times farther away in space than any known planet,
Way outside our neighborhood,
Not around the block, the other side of the city,
The other side of the world, the other side of the Sun.

We can’t drop by. But if we could, we’d say Hello.
We’re the Browns from down the street.
You know? The other spiral arm?
We thought we’d never find the place.

We’ll talk about the weather. Boy, it cloudy.
Liquid metal cloudy, raining iron.
And living in a sauna or a double-boiler,
Shirts and dresses stick right to you.

With your twenty-nine-hour year, bet you miss the change of seasons.
The visit went so fast. Look at the time.
The trip out here took forever.
The kids will sleep on the way back.

Copyright © 2004 Richard Laurence Baron

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