Friday, February 18, 2005

Plot Summary

MOVIE: "On Despond Slough"

STARRING: Evalyn Baron, Peter Yonka, Rachel Baron, Paul Daniels, Stephen Coles, cast of dozens. Baron and Yonka won Best Actress and Best Actor Oscars for their roles.

PLOT: The loons are back again on Despond Slough and so are Evalyn (Evalyn Baron), a relocated actress, and Peter (Peter Yonka), who have had an Upper West Side apartment there since before their marriage. This winter, their niece Rachel (Rachel Baron) - whom they haven't seen for years - feels she must be there for morning coffee. She and her boyfriend are just back from Arizona to pick up their financial situation. When she returns Evalyn is moody and her husband has taken to writing music. Evalyn is, deep down, a very sensitive, shy person who seems to try to hide these traits with crankiness and bluster. Rachel wants to be her aunt's friend but doesn't know how to approach her. Will aunt and niece be able to communicate at last?

USER RATING: 7.3/10 (4,477 votes)

(Adapted from and – honest.)

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compostmoi said...

Thanks for the jokes...i have shared them already with many,,and the screenplay summary is swell..Rachel and I shall be fine...i will make better efforts, I fact, i need to put her home phone number close to where I can see it everyday on my desk and I will remember to call thereby...thank you so much for your good cheer and love for me...we are watching the inestimable ZOOLANDER, one of my fave alltime films...we are laughing out you..xxev