Monday, January 23, 2006

Georgia Akers

I needed a house. In the late spring of the Year 84 (last century!), I had just moved to Houston from Minneapolis – Barbara and the kids stayed in Minnesota ‘til I could find a home for us. So a co-worker offered to drive me around some Houston neighborhoods.

We are cruising through the Heights, even then an attractive area. “I wonder what houses cost in this neck of the woods,” I asked my colleague.

She said, “There’s a realtor’s office right there on the corner. Why don’t we stop and ask?” So she pulled into the parking lot of a restored house on Heights Boulevard and I hopped out. Knocked on the office door, and when it opened, I met Georgia Akers for the first time.

Barbara and I have known Georgia and Sam Akers for more than 20 years…they’ve been friends through very good times and very bad times – but always there. And they still are.

Georgia gave up realty to pursue a law degree and focused on family law. And she realized that there was a real need for a compassionate, thoughtful approach to probate law. Unless you have elderly parents, you might not give this part of the law much attention. But Georgia has, and it's crucial these days. Georgia genuinely believes that probate law should serve families, and protect the innocent and incapacitated. I know this is true – I have seen her and listened to her as she has discussed court-related probate issues.

She practiced law independently, specializing in Probate, Estate Planning and Elder Law. Then she joined the county probate court in 1999. Today, she’s the Mental Health master and staff attorney of Harris County Probate Court No. 3.

Now Georgia is running for Probate Court Judge of Probate Court No. 4. Read all about her here. I hope you will.

I know: she’s a Republican. And quite a few of you are Democrats. But it’s possible that you haven’t thought seriously yet about candidates that aren’t near the top of the ballot. If you haven’t, and you don’t mind thinking about it now, I’d like you to think about voting in the March Republican primary for Georgia Akers for Probate Court No. 4 Judge.

I suggest probate court isn’t about politics – it’s about taking care of people. And I can’t think of a more trustworthy, knowledgeable candidate for this judgeship than Georgia. Come out for the Republican primary and vote for her.

Forgotten where your polling place is? Check here…and let’s see how many people we can get out for this. (Whatever you do, do vote.)

PS: Georgia is having a fund-raiser February 1st at Mykonos on Richmond. Come meet her.


Jim Turner said...

Richard, is Georgia going to be blogging her campaign experience and perhaps discussing some of the issues that a probate judge may have to face?

Susan Kirkland said...

And quite a few of us are Republicans, albeit near Libertarian.