Sunday, January 29, 2006

Holy Moses!

It is a wise daughter that knows her father. Rachel Baron arrived from NYC with Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. Since she was going to be visiting us, she brought our presents with her. Never too late.

And what a gift she brought me! Yes, it’s the Moses Action Figure. It’s awesome (perhaps literally). It’s neat. And it comes with removable stone tablets, the Ten Commandments; and Shepherd’s staff. The action figure comes from Accoutrements in Seattle, creators of NunzillaTM and the Devil Duckies®.

Wait – there’s more. The packaging alone is worth the price of admission. The front of the box comes with a citation from Exodus, 15:7: “And in the greatness of thine excellency though hast overthrown them that rose up against thee.” The box art shows the parted waters of the Red Sea.

Then, on the back, are the traditional action figure details…like Moses’s weapon: the shepherd’s staff or “Rod of God.” Courageous Acts. Occupation. Accomplishments (although I’d think that his age, “Lived to be 120 years old in the 13th and early 12th century BC,” would have been listed in this category).

Plus a list of the “Power of the Staff.” Plus a list of the Ten Plagues…everyone gets boils, for example, the evergreen Number 6. Plus the Ten Commandments themselves.

Rachel could have gotten me the Deluxe Jesus Action Figure with loaves and fishes, or Pope Innocent III, though it's pretty cool. But I think she picked precisely the right one. I’ll let you know right now I’m not taking Moses out of the carton. No, I’m going to preserve the whole thing in its pristine state…my gift to generations of Barons or Nyteses yet to come.

I'm not going to make 120. I want to leave something behind as an inheritance – and you already know I’m taking the De Ville with me.

PS: Barbara received the
Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure with “amazing shushing action!” She’s so lucky!

Figure © 2003 Accoutrements. All rights reserved.

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