Friday, January 20, 2006

Navigator, Sweden

How do you get nominated as Sweden’s best advertising agency? Work real hard. It’s a pleasure to share the news that one of Dialogue International’s long-time affiliates, Navigator Communications KB, has been nominated in the Superettan* class (agency income SEK 10-24 million) of Resumé magazine’s annual “Sweden’s best agency” competition.

Resumé is Sweden’s weekly journal on advertising, PR, marketing and the media. The magazine announced its selections on January 13th.

Navigator’s Managing Partner, Leif Lindau, wrote that almost 1,500 clients throughout Sweden have been asked to answer 21 questions about their agencies, covering above all their knowledge, skills and business value.

The answers have been converted into an index of client satisfaction for each agency, and the nominations are based on these opinions. The agencies have been classified according to income, and the winners in each class are to receive their awards at a big ceremony at Nalen, the historic concert and conference venue in Stockholm.

Filled with wonderful people with wonderful talents, Navigator is unusual since it lives in Malmö, across the Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen, rather than in Stockholm.

I wish I could recapture for you the warmth, the humor, and the excitement of the visits I’ve made there with so many of my colleagues, including (but not limited to) an outstanding Dialogue International Creative Forum on Corporate Citizenship in the Year 2. Navigator has been on the leading edge of marketing through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for many years.

I am waiting for news of the results. Win or lose, though, hats off to Leif Lindau, Jan Berg, and all the other Navigators: friends, colleagues, and genuine professionals.

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