Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hook 'Em!

What a game! Did you watch it? The University of Texas Longhorns edged out University of Southern California 41-38 and clinched the National Collegiate Athletic Association football championship at the Rose Bowl last night. The victory marks UT’s fourth national title and its first since 1970. Texas completed a perfect 13-0 season, the most wins in school history.

I traded text messages with Linda and Greg Krupps, who were at the game in Pasadena. Much tension – much fun. The UT Tower in Austin was lighted utterly orange last evening to celebrate the Horns’ national championship victory at the 92nd Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, Calif. The Tower will be lighted entirely orange with the #1 displayed again today, and it will stay lit through the weekend. I guess most of the UT alums will stay lit, too.

Hook ‘em, ‘Horns!

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G. Smith said...

Greetings from Austin, home of the National Champions!!!!

Yes indeed we watched the game! My son (who was up in Ft. Worth with his buddies) and I exchanged phone calls at half time and in the aftermath. We are and have always been huge fans. I, who can remember the previous national championships, and my Marine son, who would call me from Fallujah, Iraq during the 2004 season to get the scoop on the Horns. What a game!

I live in a quiet neighborhood above Zilker Park in central Austin and as the game ended last night, quiet it was not! Neighbors were hooting and hollering, cars were honking up and down the street - pandemonium all over town! I can assure you that the entire city, whether they watched the game or not, knew the Longhorns were champions.

Crowds cheered on the Drag and on Sixth Street. Bars and even movie theatres were pre-booked and packed. Students who are still on holiday came back to Austin to see the game and be a part of the celebration which is just beginning because the team will be coming home. No doubt about it, we'll be there to let them know just how proud we are.

What a game!