Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Court’s Loss

In last Tuesday’s primary race for Harris County Probate Court No 4, Georgia Akers came in second, while the incumbent finished next to last. Well, no matter what gloss I put on it, Georgia didn’t win. Here’s what she wrote to her supporters:

Dear Friends: I did all I could but it was not enough to overcome an entrenched incumbent. Five days prior to the primary, he sent out five mailouts – one a day – one was very uncomplimentary toward me, basically saying I was a “political hack.” There was not time to overcome this. I tried to keep all mailouts positive and focused on me. He did not.

Eventually each of you will get a personal thank you from me but for right now I wanted to reach out to all of you and say thank for your endorsement, your support, your volunteering to help with my campaign in any and every way you did, from lending your name, to sending out emails, to working the polls, to putting up signs.

THANK YOU. I would not have gotten as far as I did if it had not been for you help. I think to get 42% against a 20-year incumbent is not too bad.

The calls and emails and visits I have received this week encouraging me to think four years from now have really helped to sustain me and make the loss not so hard to take.

Thank you again. You all are very special to me. Georgia.

Georgia is a terrific and positive campaigner. In the end, she proved herself a better, nobler human than her opponent, the incumbent judge. Until the end, she empowered dozens (if not hundreds) of supporters to work hard on her behalf. Each one of us felt a special connection with her. Her loss is Probate Court No. 4’s loss, too.

If Georgia runs again, I’ll be out for her. Perhaps you’ll join me.

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