Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stamped “Divorce”

DAVENPORT, WA – One month after issuing the Our Wedding stamps set, the US Postal Service is releasing The Break stamp to commemorate divorce. The 39-cent, one-ounce stamp is being introduced at the Lincoln County Courthouse here on Saturday, April 1. “We felt it appropriate to introduce this stamp here in Davenport,” said Erlenmeyer Flask, Temporary Adjunct Advisor on Consumer Affairs.

“CBS News, in a copyrighted story, noted that Davenport is the quickie-divorce capital of Washington. ‘ It is one of the few counties in the nation where marriages can be dissolved by mail without a court appearance,’” Flask quoted.

“Divorce by mail! What better place for this new stamp to make its debut?”

The rate of divorce in the US continues to climb. As a result, the new stamp is expected to appeal not only to spouses who want to mail in their divorce requests, but want to serve their partners with legal papers and other forms of notification via US mail.

Using Spenserian ornamental script, the stamp features an attractive illustration of the moment a cue ball breaks the rack of billiard balls, scattering the elements of a family across an imaginary pool table. “It’s tasteful, yet it carries an image that will appeal to collectors too,” stated Flask.

The stamp will be formally unveiled on the front lawn of the County Courthouse at one minute after midnight on April 1. Although no US government officials or elected representatives have committed to an appearance, a photographer from Divorce magazine indicated he might attend if he stays up that late.

Current US stamps are available by toll-free phone order at 1-800-STAMP-24. The Break, however, will be available only from divorce attorneys throughout the US, in booklets of 24 and sheets of 100 stamps. Beautifully framed prints of original stamp art for delivery direct to the office, home or temporary abode can also be ordered.

Thanks and a tip of the Hatlo hat to SD Kirkland, Master Designer, for the stamp design. Consider it an early April’s Fool gift.

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Susan Reeves said...

Love the visual, style and colors. Great job on the stamp concept. Also glad I'll not be needing any.