Sunday, May 14, 2006

Barbara's Escape

Most of you know by now that Barbara Nytes-Baron has left the building, work-wise. My spousal unit sent this e-mail to a number of friends and relations:

Well I certainly hope this includes everyone I need to inform. If you think I’ve missed someone please feel free to inform them that you heard from me that I am no longer at the Northwest Branch (of the Harris County, TX, library system).

I will have to say that my arthritic hip is no longer sore and believe it or not there are actually fewer frown lines! All in all a good decision. I’ll be loafing for a few months – doing all of the things that I couldn’t or didn’t get around to when I was working. Then I’ll regroup and move on.

Our daughter, Rachel Baron, exhibited mysterious foresight last weekend, before Barbara resigned the library. She gave her mom a Saint Barbara votive candle (with the traditional red wax, from the Reed Candle Company, San Antonio, TX). Curious parallel: in the Middle Ages, Barbara, one of the most popular saints, was kept imprisoned in a tower to “protect” her from the world.

Now Barbara has escaped from her tower. It’s kinda nice having her around during my workdays.
Happy Mother’s Day, Barbara, and much love. I couldn’t be happier for you.


Edith Fusillo said...

Hey, gal! Congratulations. You are absolutely right: life is too short to share it with imbeciles. I know it will seem strange for a while to be free, but enjoy. Love,

Bob Fusillo said...

Get ready for the litany "What do you DO all day?" This means you are coming in July? Bob.

NW library patron said...

Please give Barbara my best wishes. I sincerely hope she will be happy now that she has resigned from HCPL. I am disappointed and offended that Edith described library patrons/staff as "imbeciles." I would appreciate an apology on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Edith has no remorse and feels no need to apologize for insulting HCPL patrons/staff by calling us "imbecilies."

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Dear NW Library Patron...I'm not altogether certain that Edith has read your original comment. I'll drop her a note about it - but be careful what you wish for.

Edith Fusillo said...

Dear NW Library Patron/Staff: I do not blog. But in this case, I will make an exception.

First, “remorse” is a word that should be saved for grievous wrongs against humanity, so let’s just say, no, I have no remorse for my comments. Second, I do not owe you any apology because my words were directed not at you, whoever you are (and the truly concerned usually identify themselves), but at Barbara. And never, to my knowledge, has she referred to either patrons or staff in anything but the kindest terms.

As for the word “imbecile,” what makes you think it refers to either patrons or staff of NW Public Library? I do not know whether you are patron or staff, though I have my theories about which. Let me explain that I am a regular library patron, though not of HCPL, and the staff is perfectly wonderful. I am not, as a patron, nor are they as staff, imbeciles. They do often have to deal with truly imbecilic questions, but they always do so with great grace. But I know both from my own experience and from theirs that when one works in a government position, one must deal with many layers of a bureaucracy which often is, at best, cumbersome, and at worst, downright obstructionist. For one who has dealt with this structure for many years, leaving is a huge relief.

So, no apologies from me. But you should, perhaps, look carefully at your overly fragile sensibilities, and GET OVER IT. If you feel personally insulted, perhaps now is the time to reference an old Southern schoolyard retort: the hit dog howls first. If you are a patron of the HCPL, rest assured that I don’t know anything about how imbecilic your personal behavior might be. If you are staff, I have no knowledge of you, either. If you are one of those bureaucratic obstructionists, why are you spending your time and energy reading and responding to blogs? I do notice that your work is posted in the wee hours, so perhaps you are simply a lonely soul with no life. For that I am sorry, but I do not apologize.