Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It’s Alive!

Ten years back, Honeywell was the market leader in process control systems. Today the leader is Emerson Process Management, thanks to its DeltaV control system.

I was pretty danged pleased to see Emerson at the Offshore Technology Conference (Booth 2775). Because I created the DeltaV brand name for what was then Fisher-Rosemount back at the end of ’95. I used a version of SEMANTIK*, my brand-creation methodology.

F-R has since been totally absorbed by Emerson. But DeltaV has gone on to fame and fortune. Readers of
Control Magazine voted the DeltaV system the industry's #1 process automation system for a fifth consecutive year.

This Emerson business unit was a client of The Edmondson Group in Austin. I worked with Roger Edmondson to create this “way cool” brand for the entire new system. Gayle Smith, Roger’s Chief Designer then and now, created the logo you see here – much the same over the past decade. So forgive a prideful moment.

What’s even cooler is that Emerson is, to this day, using much the same description of the brand that I invented for the system at the beginning of ’96:

The name DeltaV is derived from the engineering equation for acceleration: dv/dt, the change in velocity over the change in time. The DeltaV system makes planning, engineering, installing, commissioning, training, operating, and maintaining your process EASY, which accelerates your success in improving your plant performance.

Going into the original creative process, Todd Brace and Jim Cahill told us that the new system, whose working name was “Hawk,” was going to revolutionize the process control business. Thanks to Emerson’s technology and selling power – and a great brand name – they were absolutely right.

Oh yeah...the commercial. I almost forgot. Want to learn more about creating brands that last for decades? E-mail me and I’ll send you a copy of the SEMANTIK presentation.

*A Richard Laurence Baron trademark. All rights reserved. Logo courtesy of Emerson.

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Jim Cahill said...

Hi Richard, Very nice post! We appreciate all the expertise the E-Q team, and others provided to help us launch DeltaV.

Wow, we're really dating ourselves in the fun that happened ten years ago and the value it has created for our customers around the globe.

Thanks for being part of the team, and give my best to everyone!


Jim Cahill