Monday, May 15, 2006

Craft Beer

It is the sin of the world that there are just two brewpubs left in Houston (that I know about). ‘Cause this week, May 15-21, has been elected American Craft Beer Week by The Brewers Association: “A time for all legal-drinking-age Americans to explore and celebrate the flavorful beers produced by our small, traditional and independent brewers.”

In a city of four million-plus people, two’s hardly enough. So if you should happen to be in the West U area, stop by
Two Rows Restaurant & Brewery. Mucking about Bay Area Boulevard, way down south? Try BJ's Restaurant & Brewery.

The good news, of course, is that we still have St. Arnold’s, whose brews are available on tap or in bottles all over town. (Its rainbow-painted Bentley was in the Art Car Parade on Saturday.) Plus plenty of places where you can get a pull and a pint of all kinds of craft beers.

I’ve been seeing outdoor media around the city introducing Heineken Premium Light Beer – whatever next? If you are one of those people that drink “Lite” beer under the persistent delusion that these are real, treat yourself to the healthy effect of a craft-brewed ale or lager somewhere in the Bayou City this week.

Banging the barrel for my current favorites, purchase a few sample bottles from Stone Brewery, available at Spec’s. Its Arrogant Bastard and IPA are particularly tasty and filled with good things – you will enjoy them. (Actually, just reading the Arrogant Bastard back label will give you the courage to go on with your life…or the nerve.)

If you see me out this week in any of the pubs, I’ll stand you a pint.


Susan Kirkland said...

As I live in a DRY COUNTY, I just had to comment. How sad you have so few brews in such a big city! I vote for Molson Canadian Ale (aka Golden) and my favorite pub is Kinnealy's on Shepherd just in the gray area (pun) between River Oaks and Montrose.

Shannon Rasberry said...

Sorry I’m just getting back to you. Been crazy around here for the last month. Tried to post a comment, but can’t. I hit the post button, and...nothing. I’ll include my comments below:

The brews at BJ's in Clear Lake are a little more distinctive that the brews at Two Rows – although Two Rows has a more diverse selection (if they're all in stock, so to speak). Stone's Arrogant Bastard is not for the faint of heart. I felt arrogant enough to try one, and felt like a bastard afterwards for not liking it. Their marketing/logo/slogan is cool, but it was so oat-ish, I might as well have had a feed bag on. The Stone IPA, on the other hand, was more my style. It was very hoppy, but crisp.

The Gingerman is my favorite pub in town. Partly location, partly incredible selection, and partly their special Wednesday glass night, it has a high comfort factor. The Red Lion is groovy for its authentic feel and food, but the limited beer selection is a little underwhelming.

Also, see McGonigal's Mucky Duck. They have a decent selection, good food, and great music – if you like the singer/songwriter bit.