Friday, May 05, 2006

Silver Winner

Want to know what wins great big creative awards in India? Flea Global, headed by one of my colleagues in India, Sunil Shibad, won a Silver Award for this commercial at Goa Fest.

“Car Park” was entered in a two-day awards festival, 28-29 April, in Goa. The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), the collective body of the country’s leading advertising agencies, hosted the event…similar to the Cannes Film Festival.

The AAAI expected more than 3,000 entries from members as well as non-members. All the creative work entered for the show was on display and the TV spots that were submitted were fully screened. Goa Fest was big enough to make the Times of India.

You have to watch it for yourself – I won’t give it away. But to win an award in a contest this size is a wonder. It’s worth a click. Sunil and director/producer Vivek Kamat handled the project for McCann Erickson. Way to go!

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Rob Schoenbeck said...

Great spot….thanks for sharing.