Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bad Eggs

Rachel Baron visited Houston this week and brought goodies. Specifically, Barbara and I are now the proud owners of about a dozen of the latest Kidrobot® urban art figures. (The girl really knows how to treat the ‘rents.)

Kidrobot is the self-proclaimed “Earth’s premier creator and retailer of limited-edition toys, clothing, artwork and books.” I was a little miffed since I misplaced my Aztec dunny figure. I stashed it away when I put up the ED-209 and now I can’t find the dunny. On top of that, I can’t find my Smorkin’ Labbit. Damn.

I feel much better now. It’s true that Rachel has spoiled us with so many of the various lines…Mongers, Heroes of Burgertown, BFFs and Debilz. It’s hard to pick favorites but – of the current batch – I gotta love the “Bad Eggs” Ace and Joey, from the MongersTM Menthols series.

Listen, I gotta run. It’s Saturday, I’d still like to get a bike ride in. I have to say, though, that now I’ve been poking around on the Kidrobot site again and I’m seriously jonesing for Jamungo’s Tuf-Fluck Crappy Cat.

Oooh! I have a birthday coming up…did I mention that?

PS: It’s possible you haven’t got a clue about Kidrobot stuff. You are seriously behind the pop-culture curve if that’s the case. Happy April…

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