Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blend Mail

I’ve just been talking about INEXS (see the jerseys). Now let me crow a bit louder over the company’s precisely targeted direct mail.

Simple but strong, these 3D mailers have been arriving in oil and gas companies all over Texas as part of a four-part campaign. Each one portrays the benefits of a particular set of this Houston geophysical consulting firm’s practices. The first wave explains proven INEXS capabilities in Regional Geologic Studies, along with a specially packaged coffee we call “Haynesville Blend.”

[The Haynesville Shale is a hot oil-and-gas-producing region – INEXS does a lot of work with prospects in this area. Read more about that's good for your education.]

Each mailer encompasses the coffee, selling benefits and a request to meet over a cuppa joe, under the campaign title “Fuel for Solutions.” There are other mailers (with different coffee blends) that point up Exploration Evaluation, Integrated Field Studies and A and D Assistance.

Read all about these subjects on the INEXS website. At the same time, you’ll discover how this Fuel for Solutions campaign marries up to the strong INEXS brand story.

On decision-making, campaign kudos go to the client. On creative, there’s Stacy Allen, Terry Teutsch and Susan Reeves of Prism Design. And Richard Laurence Baron (which would be me).

There’s more than brand power behind this mail series. Each coffee label features artwork by Sydney Strahan, the Houston-based painter whose subject is “art from the heart of the earth.” She uses geological core sample slabs for inspiration and her work is widely recognized in this part of the oilpatch.

Lucky recipients get packages that are impossible NOT to open; business-focused messages; and a bit of a reward in the form of most everyone’s favorite fuel.

Thanks to all the usual suspects for the chance to create and send this great series.

I ought to mention the java’s roasted and packaged by Independence Coffee Company just up the road in Washington County.


S. Reeves said...

Nice post Richard. Piping hot stuff. I'm ready for a refill.

Karen Blanchard said...

Speaking of Sydney Strahan, any word on the PBS-type special that we filmed at INEXS.

Richard Laurence Baron said...

thanks for the note, Karen - I never heard another word about this, although I know that INEXS purchased one of her pieces for the lobby.