Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extra Fielder

In a 2007 Artist’s Statement, Garland Fielder said:

In my current work I continue to explore the relationship between anticipation and fulfillment. I have created installations that examine two-dimensional expectations and three-dimensional presentations. The viewer is challenged in surmising the orientation of the artwork, and thereby draws into question his/her own assumptions about reality at large. It is the act of interpretation that interests me and gives me hope.

Adding additional photos to the blog helps demonstrate the challenge Fielder highlights. (Maybe that’s one reason why he enjoyed doing the piece for our modest collection.) In these pix, you can see something of the stairwell’s curved walls…the cube is approximately 10 feet above the stair.

A bit of a challenge for us here as well: We can’t turn our old digital camera’s flash off, so the bright light washes out the fascinating/entertaining shadow lines formed by the cube frames.


Mary Jo Martin said...

I LOVE it!

Mary Jo Martin said...

This took me off on a weird tangent. See: