Friday, December 10, 2010

After Refreshments, Lucy Moves from Drafty Studio into Good Home.

Howard Sherman scored a residency several months back at Vermont Studio Center, the self-described “…largest international artists’ and writers’ Residency Program in the United States.”

Off he went to the northern Green Mountains (having been awarded a grant by the Dedalus Foundation). When he came back he had a whole new line of works: Blind Contour Lines, Marker on Paper 2010.

Which he showed off in early October at his studio. His invitation pronounced:

My recent residency gave me an opportunity to grow and experiment in unusual ways. My intention was to spend my time there painting. Upon arrival, my plans changed. Using the figure as a point of departure, I ended up investigating drawing in new ways. I'd love for you to stop by my studio to see the results. Refreshments will be served.

We went to see. Consumed refreshments. And enjoyed the work – so much that we purchased one, which apparently is a hard habit to break; it reinforces our status as “multiple Sherman collectors.” (Maybe some day he’ll list The Baron Collection on his Biography page, huh?)

“Lucy,” just arrived via the McMurtrey Gallery frame shop, is now at home. The black-and-white effect is a departure from Sherman’s advancing work which is filled with color explosions. But the line is all the artist’s. Pretty soon, we’ll figure out just where she’ll be hanging. Meantime we’re enjoying the new piece, thank you Howard!


Anonymous said...

The wife says:
"Lucy" will hang in the den/tv/media room, on the wall to the left of the chair Richard usually sits in.

Kay Krenek said...

I love it. Blind Contour Drawing was my favorite part of Life Drawing classes while pursuing my art degree. Probably because they looked better than my real life drawings or even more likely that no one could recognize the student/model who lived in the same dorm as I did which was awkward to say the least!

Howard Sherman said...

Rock on, man. This is awesome. Thanks for the plug. Sorry I didn't get to your emails in time to add more information, but you got the hang of it without my help. Great article.

I'm currently away at the Jentel Artist Residency in Banner, Wyoming. Be home late Monday night. It's been an interesting and challenging month here in the middle of nowhere and I've learned as much about myself as I have about my work.

Speaking of which, it's been a productive month. New large paintings and tons of new (24 vertical X 18 horizontal inch) works on paper.

Thanks for all the support.

Jeanette Chinelli said...

OOOH, I think we should all ask Santa to put at least two or three under the tree.

gage opdenbrouw said...

great drawing--love the boldness! nice selection. i am always happy to see that people appreciate fast drawings, which are so unique--the artist's response to the world around him in a really visceral way, so fast that it could never be the same twice...was reading something intriguing recently about how this sort of work combines muscle memory, and internalized shorthand ( a line you have drawn a thousand times, to indicate, say, the meeting of neck and shoulder, and arm) as well as response to a unique observation, a moment.

i went to VSC in 2005, this time of year, and had a great time. a good place.

merry christmas!!