Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hoping Christmas ‘10 Is Way Merrier – and Wishing You a Super-Fine 2011.

I read that North Carolina artist Joseph Cudd roughed out the designs of these “Winter Holiday” stamps by hand, then fine-tuned them via computer, just so the United States Postal Service™ could deliver them to the public in October, 2009.

Out came USPS with the 44-cent reindeer, snowman, gingerbread man and toy soldier without really knowing just what kind of business and economic conditions we the “public” were going to see here in that year, and in this one too.

It’s possible to use each of these wonderful winter figures to underscore our challenges:
 “It never reins but it pours, deer!” for example.
 “That’s the way the (gingerbread) cookie crumbles.”

And let’s get real: that’s not a “toy soldier” lower right – that’s a nutcracker. (Know what I mean?)

I’m soliciting more holiday puns from you, based on these stamps – I’ll post them in the COMMENT section if and when you send them in.

Much more important, this display is Signalwriter’s own way of wishing all of you – clients and colleagues, family and friends and utter strangers – a wonderful Christmas season and an outstanding year ahead.

My life’s been filled with pleasure and delight thanks to the part you’ve played in it.  Thanks to you, I’ve had another year’s worth of meetings, adventures, programs, visits, conversations, developments and successes; an entire 12 months of engagement, with laughter (and beer) on the side.

In this fine Houston, TX season where the only snowflakes appear on stamps…the very best of everything to you and yours!


Timo Kivi said...

Hi Richard,

Good to hear from you! And many thanks for your Christmas greetings.

Here in Finland it´s cold and we are drowning in snow. It´s really going to look like Christmas.

I hope you and your love-ones are able to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest!

Have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Your friend From Finland / Timo

Adam Halpern said...

Hi Richard, it's great to hear from you! I hope all is well. Regards,


Camille Pendleton said...

I enjoyed your blog. Camille

Alison Meadows said...

Lovely message - much appreciated in freezing Britain. Have a lovely Christmas and keep blogging!

Dave Bennett said...

Merry Christmas to you, Richard. I look forward to getting together in the new year.

Frits Slootweg said...

Greetings from a snowy Holland. Long time no talk. By the tone of your mail things seem to go well; I definitely hope so and please accept my sincerest wishes for a great and healthy 2011 to you and your family. Best regards...

Miriam Eisenberg said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours. A pun from moi? Hmm, holiday times can be a bit NUTS but I will keep in touch...Miriam.

Richard Laurence Baron said...

Thanx, Miriam - so far, you're the "leader" in this contest. Your are also the only entrant. You could be THE winner.

Mary Jo Martin said...

Well, RLB, Happy, Happy, and thanks to you for "checking up" on me. I enjoy our conversations - and our dinners!

On the pun side, the only thing I could come up with was something about a part of the snowman's anatomy and the nutcracker, but this is a family forum, so I have to pass.

Wait, wait - how about "Oh man, it's snow!" Often uttered in Houston where it hardly ever snows.

Susan Farrell said...

Richard -
You are always a beacon - loved your blog post!

Snowman: In 2011, without Weight Watchers I am going to be "this big".

Have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic Happy 2011 New Year.

Susan Farrell

Wander India said...

Hi Richard,

How lovely!
Merry Christmas!



Mumbai, India.

Tad Grow said...

Merry Christmas Richard!

Mike Hensgen said...

A very Merry Christmas to you too Richard …glad to see someone who references this wonderful time of the year correctly. And a very good new year to you, too! Mike

Peter Francey said...

My dear “old” friend Mr. Baron, you know I am always most appreciative of hearing from you and each time a new contact is made by you, I promise myself that I am going to get in touch.

I confess, I haven’t read everything that you have written, but what I have read never disappoints me. You are very good about finding those wonderful stories about humanity which make our lives more interesting and entertaining (as well as rewarding), and you always provide a perspective or commentary that is smart and absolutely to the core.

This is the first anniversary of our first year in business – as Trajectory – and I have to admit that it has been a lot more work than I had anticipated – but then the enjoyment factor has been equally greater. We are running hard, but I think that we are on the right “trajectory.”

Please don’t stop sending me your missives. Have a wonderful holiday and an absolutely outstanding new year!!

Peter & Jeannette

Loren Alexanian said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS RICHARD! We think of you often and I check out your blog at least once a month!

We are well! The next time we are both in Houston I will let you know and we will come visit! Take care!

Loren and Jennifer

James Lockwood said...

Merry Christmas, Richard.

Jennifer Petree said...

Very witty - as always!

Susan Saurage-Altenloh said...

Thanks, Richard. Reminds me of a famous movie: 'S NO MAN for Old Country. But where does he hide the firearm?

You know, these were cute and KOO-KEY, weren't they?

As I told my husband, "Houston (again) won't get snow this year, just RAIN, DEAR."

My head hurts now.