Friday, August 26, 2005

First Client

Mary Jo Martin has landed her inaugural client in her new corporate existence as Knowledge-Based Marketing. Congratulations. It’s always exciting – a definite milestone – to get the very first client. Herewith, a celebratory limerick:

There was a smart woman in Houston
Whose new-business effort lacked boostin’.
She found yesterday,
In delight and dismay,
That a spanking new client came roostin’.

Okay…it’s awful. But it’s Friday. (And you can forget about rhymes with “Martin” – don’t go there – and “Knowledge-Based Marketing.” Perhaps readers of this blog would be willing to try their hands?)

Well done, MJ, you Goddess of Databases. May this be the first wavelet in a flood of clients. PS: Consider buying Susan Kirkland's new book - see below.


Susan Kirkland said...

Meet Richard's friend, Mary Jo--
a woman clearly in the know.
With a beaten bush here,
and one over there,
a long list of clients
were sure to appear.

Before you could say,
"watch what you wish for,
a note pushed through the door
(one that no one longs for).

You have been selected
as a county juror,
much to your chagrin and
entrepreneurial horror.

So, good luck, Mary Jo;
and may you succeed,
just as long as you remember,
your costly, civic good deeds.

They can drop in your lap
with a bit of bad luck
and displace all your deadlines,
and all for five bucks!

That was fun. Thanks for the plug, Richard.

Mary Jo Martin aka "The Goddess" said...

Thanks for the kudos RLB. And, thanks to Susan for the great poem! But, shades of Richard, perish the thought of the jury summons.