Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hotel Ads

I stay in touch with my colleagues from Dialogue International, the European-based agency network – I spent two years as the association’s Chairman. I had a nice note from one of my colleagues, Elena Gurovna a few days ago. She’s the principal of Generator, a lovely agency in Saint Petersburg (Russia, not Florida). Here’s what Elena e-mailed:

“I have a question to you. We have a new client - new hotel Kempinski Mojka 22 – a very nice medium size deluxe hotel in early 19th century building in the centre of Saint-Petersburg. They are now launching – there was no official launch, though it is already open, they try to prepare so far all necessary corporate and PR staff including ads in press. I was going to ask you if you are interested to create headlines and copy for the series of ads for the international press.” (See the hotel:

A chance to do ads for a hotel in Russia doesn’t come by every day. So I said Da. Elena sent me further details:

“They started renovation of the hotel in 2004. They position it as deluxe, although it is 4-star. Managed by Kempinski, the GM is an Irish guy.

“The building is overlooking State Hermitage – one of the biggest world art collection museums. The building was designed in 1840s by architect Von Witte; one of the bars in the Hotel bears his name. There are two conference rooms (Neva and Fontanka, named after Saint-Petersburg rivers) and five restaurants – Beau Rivage, Bellevue (top floor), Tea Room, Von Witte (bar), 1853 wine cellar.

“The first time I met the GM and vice -director a year ago, the hotel was under construction and they didn't have office there yet. Then I visited them in the hotel. Mr. GM decorated his office with gorgeous antique clock - he bought it during the auction in Stockholm. Yesterday, when I was delivering first volumes of menus, I saw Tea Room cafe (the one still under construction) filled with oil paintings in huge gilded frames - I was told those were copies from the 18th-19th century European paintings - impressive decoration for a modern hotel.

“Mr. GM had comment about a 19th-century woman on Tea Room menu, that the menu looks 'sexist.' But me and Vice Director, a young woman, commented that in 19th century this would be a place for women only, so it has more historical context than male-female.”

Elena's real objective has been to associate the new hotel with the city itself.

Soon as I figure out how to upload images to this blog, I'll show you the ad - or let me know and I'll send you a pdf. Meantime, according to Elena, I done good: the first headline of the series is NEW HOTEL MEETS CLASSICAL CITY: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Elena sent, “The headlines are extremely good and bring us to very high professional level – it is easy to do art direction if you have slogans like this.”

I appreciate the work, Elena – and thanks for the opportunity to make you look good in front of your client.

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