Saturday, August 20, 2005

TxDOT Mystery

Barbara received her Registration Renewal Receipt from the Texas Department of Transportation. This time, the computer-generated receipt has two stickers attached.

One is the more-or-less standard window sticker, the one that (in this state) lets you and the policefolk know when your registration expires – in this case, 8 and 06, August of next year. It has several application instructions such as PRESS THUMB THROUGH RED AREA and REMOVE WINDOW STICKER FROM BACK. It also has a handy diagram to help instruction-challenged people like me know exactly where to place the sticker on the windshield. Thank you, TxDOT.

What has this got to do with communications? Well, that would lead us to the second sticker on the receipt. This is a smaller, 1-inch x 2-inch sticker that has a number and the word VOID in great big letters. The only instruction: PEEL STICKER FROM CORNERS.

Neither Barbara nor I have ever seen one these before. There are no other instructions or indications about where to place this sticker. There’s nothing else about it on the receipt; there’s nothing on the TxDOT Web site. Nothing. TxDOT doesn’t give anything away and Barbara would probably balk at wearing it on her forehead.

I have a suspicion this is supposed to go on the license plate. But…maybe not. TxDOT could have a completely different use in mind. They just aren’t communicating it. If any reader of this blog can give us a hint – or even actual instruction, I’d appreciate it.

Signalwriter’s instruction: ENJOY YOUR SATURDAY.

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SDK said...

No mystery--this is a theft prevention measure. The VOID appears only when the sticker has been ripped from your license plate. They didn't tell the public, but they had to tell the sticker manufacturer.