Thursday, August 18, 2005

Reaching Editors

If you had gotten out of bed early this morning, you’d have gone to the Business Wire Breakfast Seminar: Judi Swartz’s (now annual) “Meet the Media” event. Judi is Regional Manager for Business Wire. I can’t recommend a better way to hear the straight dope about getting business-related stories into key media in this town.

To prove it, 140 PR and corporate relations professionals showed up at the JW Marriott before 7.30AM. We heard from Loren Steffy, business columnist for the Houston Chronicle; Thaddeus Herrick from the Wall Street Journal; KUHF business reporter Ed Mayberry; and Special Sections Editor Thora Qaddumi of the Houston Business Journal. Lots of questions and answers afterwards…and intense scribbling of tips, editors’ names, and e-mail addresses.

Judi and her gang are not only conscientious businesspeople, but terrific hosts. And although Business Wire hosts a number of seminars each summer, this one tops the chart with a bullet.

You should be on the Business Wire list if you’re in Houston. You might drop Judi a note at and beg to be invited. Meantime, my thanks to Judi, Melanie, Melissa, and Sam – great job!

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Susan Kirkland said...

Okay, that's one email address you can check off the list.