Saturday, August 13, 2005

Get Booking

There’s still time left for a good summer read – especially if you’re in marketing communications.
A colleague and friend, Susan Kirkland, has published Start & Run a Creative Services Business. It’s a complete how-to manual for all of us that are trying to make a living in the ad biz (which I hope you’ll accept as shorthand for marketing communications, public relations, and all the other areas of creative services). It’s 174 pages of well-grounded advice, tips, and stories, and the stories are familiar to all of us who have spent years in this business.

Susan has developed (and written very well about) strategies and tactics from beginning to end, from “Getting Started” to “Sage Advice from a Veteran.” I was particularly honored to be asked to contribute a blurb prior to publication, so I admit that you’ll see my name on the back cover. More important, every word I wrote there is absolutely true in terms of the content of Susan’s book.

You should read this book if you’re a freelancer because it will help you make certain you’re covering all the bases – even if you’ve been freelancing for years. You ought to read this book if you’re a corporate communications manager or an agency creative director to remind yourself that the true path to a good business relationship runs in both directions.

Start & Run a Creative Services Business, Self-Counsel Press, 2005, is available online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Or you can visit Susan’s Web site at and get acquainted with her capabilities. You still have time to get hold of it and give it a good look before Labor Day.

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