Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hugh McDonnold

Two of Hugh’s new works will be prominently featured, starting this Friday. ”Deep in the Art of Texas” is the title of an upcoming art exhibit at the Eastman Gallery in the Resource Center, 7026 Old Katy Road here in Houston.

The Gallery is having two openings. The first on Friday, 15 October; the other on Thursday, 20 October. Both run 6.00-10.00P. There’s usually a crush at Eastman, so I’ll try to get there early – more opportunities to get at the bar.

Hugh is talented and generally surprising; I am immodestly proud of the McDonnold that’s hanging on my library wall. This new series is quite a bit different from his work of the past few years – a form of portraiture with a slyness to them that I find attractive.

Now – if I could just get him to create a Web site…

"Kerouac's Publisher" by Hugh McDonnold.

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